quarta-feira, outubro 11, 2006

Autoridades egípcias proíbem motores em Saqqara

October 10, 2006

CAIRO -- Egyptian authorities have put a ban on idling vehicle engines in Saqqara, southwest of Cairo, after cracks started to show on the country's oldest pyramid. The head of Egypt's supreme council for antiquities, Zahi Hawass, had "decided to ban the running of engines of all cars and buses waiting for tourists in the archaeological area of Saqqara," a council statement said. "The running of engines has caused the area to experience some shaking, which has in turn caused cracks in the pyramid of Djoser," the statement said. Built in the twenty-seventh century BC, the Djoser pyramid, also known as the Step Pyramid, is said to be the world's oldest stone monument building. Hawass warned that anyone caught running a car engine would be charged with damaging archaeological sites and face legal action.

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