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Museu do Cairo: exposição Anubis, Upwawet e outras divindades chacais

Nova exposição temporária (talvez só por um mês) no Museu Egípcio do Cairo "Anubis, Upwawet and Other Deities," baseadas nas oferendas votivas que o arqueólogo inglês Gerald Wainwright encontrou num túmulo de c. 1800 ou 1900 a.C perto de Assiut.

Pertencia a um príncipe local, mas há mais de 1000 anos que os locais o usavam como altar pessoal de devoção, enchendo-o com estelas de Upwawet.
Este trabalho (excavação, estudo das estelas, publicações e exposição) são da autoria de Terence DuQuesne, egiptólogo, coptólogo, poeta, professor.
A exposição tem um catálogo. brevemente postarei imagens dele.
DuQUESNE, Terence, Anubis Master of Secrets (Hry-sStA) and the Egyptian Conception of Mysteries, DE 36 (1996), 25-38

After notes on Anubis and the cista mystica and on Anubis as the divine initiate (Hry-sStA) the author lists the range of meanings of sStA and the interpretatio graeca of the term. In discussing the concepts of mysteries the author expresses his belief that the famous stela of Ikhernofret bearing reference to the Osiris mysteries has been misunderstood and that what he is describing is merely an exoteric or preliminary ceremony, not a close encounter with the deity. A bibliography is appended, listing works on: Anubis and his role in Egyptian religion; the Egyptian concept of mysteries; "Anubis of the chest" and related epithets; Hry sStA as divine epithet and as sacerdotal title; the word sStA and its analogues; the coincidentia oppositorum in Egypt; Graeco-Roman connexions, Eleusis and related matters; and wild canids and the mysteries.

DuQUESNE, Terence, Black and Gold God. Colour symbolism of the god Anubis, with observations on the phenomenology of colour in Egyptian and comparative religion
London, Da’th Scholarly Services, Darengo Publications, 1996 = Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology, 5. (21 x 28 cm; 111 p.); rev. Acta Orientalia 58 (1997), 193-194 (Saphinaz-Amal Naguib); Journal of Ancient Civilizations 11 (1996), 123-129 (Edmund S. Meltzer). ISBN 1-871266-22-X
The Jackal Divinities of Egypt: I, From the Archaic Period to Dynasty X
by Terence DuQuesne

This book is the first comprehensive study of the jackal divinities of Egypt during the pharaonic period and is the result of nearly twenty years research. In this volume, the author studies the iconography, nature, and functions of Anubis and related dynasties from Predynastic times to the end of the First Intermediate Period, placing his findings in the religious and social context. Successive chapters consider the role of animal cults in early Egypt, the relevant hieroglyphs and divine names, information from tomb inscriptions, priesthoods, cults and festivals, and many other topics. Annotated translations of the numerous relevant Pyramid Texts are included. A detailed overview of the jackal deities and their interrelationships is provided, and there are two chapters which discuss the formula of offerings and offer new interpretations. 586p, illus (Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology VI, Darengo 2005)

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