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Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Egypt

Fourteen years ago, the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) won a $15 million grant to restore Egyptian antiquities.
The money was split among 50 projects. At the suggestion of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), two of those projects were drawn from Egypt’s smallest, but perhaps oldest, religious minority: the Jewish community.
An estimated 80,000 Jews lived in Cairo in 1948, Jews trace their presence in Egypt to biblical times; Judaic tradition like Pesach, recounts the story of the Jewish sojourn by the Nile. Today, fewer than 100 Jews remain in Egypt, mostly elderly widows.

Ha 14 anos o ARCE recebeu 15 milhoes de dolares para restauro de antiguidades Egipcias.

O dinheiro foi dividido entre 50 projectos. A pedido do Supremo Conselho de Antiguidades, dois foram escolhidos da mais pequena comunidade do Egipto: a comunidade judaica.

Em 1948 estima-se que viviam no Cairo 80000 judeus que tem a sua presencao no Egipto desde tempos biblicos; as tradicoes judaicas como o Pesach, conta a historia da passagem dos Judeus atraves do Nilo. Hoje, menos de 100 Judeus restam no Egipto, a maior parte viuvas idosas.
ARCE conservation project in Egypt- projecto conservacao do ARCE no Egipto

Jewish news in Egypt - Noticias Judaicas no Egipto
How the president of the Jewish Community of Cairo is keeping the memory of her forefathers alive as she struggles to preserve the nation’s Jewish heritage sites - Como a presidente da Comunidade Judaica no Cairo mantem a memoria dos antepassados viva e como ela luta para preservar o patrimonio Judaico da nacao

Moses Maimonides synagogue, Cairo

The foundations date to the twelfth century AD, it was completed in 2001, along with a plan for its conservation. Future work awaits a feasibility and design study for ground-water control at the synagogue.

Chaar Hachamaim synagogue

Cairo Genizah

The Hebrew word genizah can have a number of meanings including storage, treasury, archives and burial.

A palavra Hebraica genizah pode significar varias coisas como armazenar,tesouro, arquivos e tumulo.

Ben Ezra synagogue, Cairo
Behind the Coptic Museum - Atras do Museu Copta

The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit

Restoration of the Ben Ezra Synagogue

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