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5th Aegyptus et Pannonia symposium - Personal for Late Egyptian Religion

The Ancient Egyptian Committee of the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society (MEBT ÓEB) and The Hungarian National Museum in Budapest are pleased to announce an international Symposium on Personal for Late Egyptian Religion

Parallel to the weakening of centralized royal authority during the Third Intermediate Period Egypt, the role of temples in the political and social life was revaluated and new artistic forms developed. These tendencies played a definitive role in Egyptian history and cultural identity for more than a millenium, and helped to expand its view even outside its boundaries. The 5th Aegyptus et Pannonia symposium aimes to focus the Egyptian culture with special attention to the personal of its temples, and especially to the activities of the priests and priestesses, without regard whether they lived in Egypt or in far countries of the ancient world, including also Pannonia in the Roman Empire.

The symposium is open to all scholars and will take place at the Hungarian National Museum.
Conference languages will be English, German, French and Hungarian.

Dr. Hedvig Győry (Museum of Fine Arts )

Tel: +36 (1) 428-2078
Address: 1146 Budapest, Dózsa Gy. út 41.

Useful information
Participation in the Symposium is free, speakers will be responsible for making and paying for their own travel.

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