terça-feira, dezembro 02, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Medicine exhibition in London Dec 1st to Feb 28th

Cast of the healing statue of Djedher 'the saviour'.
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL
Formerly from the collection of Henry Wellcome,
Wellcome Collection. R77/1935

Library of the Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE
tel. 020 7290 2904
Ancient Egyptian Medicine
date: December 1, 2008 - February 28, 2009
Small exhibition of antique and rare books on ancient Egyptianmedicine from the Library, medicine-related artefacts (mostlycasts of objects and scans of things such as medical texts on papyri)lent by the Petrie Museum, and x-ray images of Tutankhamun lentby the University of Liverpool.

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