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Turin Papyrus re-writes Egyptian History...Canone Real de Torino reescreve Historia do Egipto

Para todos aqueles que desconfiam da tecnologia, nao se adaptam, e insistem em nao partilhar aqui esta um exemplo de como esse comportamento e errado e obsoleto.

A todos os academicos que procuram insistentemente escudar-se do progresso e da descoberta apoiada em metodos cientificos, sim, porque a historia tambem se alia a ciencia no que respeita 'as descobertas' feitas...isto e para vos!

For all who do not trust technology, do not adapt, and insist on not sharing here is an example of how that behaviour is wrong and obsolete.

To all academics searching continuously to shield themselves from progress and discovery sustained by scientific methods, yes, because history is also connected to science in what matters all that is 'discovered'...this is for you!

written in the reign of Ramesses II/escrito no reinado de Ramses II
Countless fragments/Inumeros fragmentos (160+ ?)

Sobre este Papiro e seu conteudo

About this Papyrus and its' content: http://www.ancient-egypt.org/index.html

Com fotos


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Sobre a nova 'descoberta'

About the new 'discovery'

Silvio Curto diz NAO a Hawass sobre devolucao do Papiro ao Egipto

Silvio Curto says NO to Hawass on returning the Papyrus to Egypt

Outras noticias/ Other news:
"Despite its incomplete and fragmentary nature, and despite the fact that the placing of the fragments has been contested from time to time, the Turin King List is one of our most important sources of knowledge about the chronology of Egypt between the first and 17th dynasties."
escrito ha dois anos/written two years ago...

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