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Tribute to Susan Weeks

 Tribute to Susan Weeks

I have gathered here a few information pieces that circulated online a propos of the tragic, unexplained and almost unbeliaveble death of Susan Weeks:

First of all, Jane Akshar's blog post in which she describes how 24 hours can be an eternity of stress:


The New York Times article from July, 2009 where their life is portrayed romantically and the tale of a wish come true; living on a boat by the Nile:


A page on Susan from The Theban Mapping Project:
From: AUC President

It is with great regret that we announce the death of Ms. Susan
Weeks, wife of Egyptology Professor Emeritus Kent Weeks.

Susan received a Bachelor of Arts in graphic arts from the University
of Washington. She and Kent met while working on the Nubian
Salvage Project in Upper Egypt. In addition to being one of the
foremost archaeological illustrators of the past half-century, she has
built a career as one of the best general field archaeologists in Egypt,
having worked on sites all over the country, both with her husband and
as a specialist called by other teams. Members of the AUC community
who knew and worked with Susan will always remember her sly wit
(which her quiet demeanor never succeeded in obscuring), her keen
and penetrating intelligence, and most of all the immense care and
concern that she devoted to her friends, colleagues and students.

 In addition to her husband, she is survived by her two children,
Emily and Christopher, and one grandchild.

 Those wishing to send condolences may do so by email care of
magdiali@aucegypt.edu, Dr. Weeks's assistant.

In his book "The Lost Tomb", Kent Weeks wrote this dedication
to his wife Susan, (who lost her life this week in a tragic accident).

The words are a fitting tribute to her.

"Susan Weeks has filled the roles of wife, mother, artist, epigrapher,
ceramicist, cook, and camp organizer throughout the TMP's history, and she performed every one of them superbly. Her talent and her
patience deserve much more credit than these simple lines can offer. I am in awe--- and in love. Kent Weeks "

and she in turn said of their life together

"Every morning as we walk into the Valley towards the tomb, I count my blessings. It is a privilege to be able to work here and to share it with my husband. Every day is magic still. Susan Weeks"

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Jane Akshar disse...

That was a very good tribute to Susan and here is the direct link to my blog post http://luxor-news.blogspot.com/2009/12/susan-weeks-funeral.html