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The First International Conference on Ancient Egyptian Science

The First International Conference on Ancient Egyptian Science

Saturday, 24 April 2010 9:00

Monday, 26 April 2010 20:00

Cairo University & The Supreme Council of Antiquities

Saturday 24 April, 2010 (IBN SINA hall; Faculty of Science, Cairo University)
09:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-11:00 - Opening Ceremony
Dr. Hamed Ead Conference Coordinator
Dr. Abd El Halim Nur El Din Honorary Chairman
Dr. Zahi Hawas Honorary Chairman
Dr. Hossam Kamel President of Cairo University

11:00-12:00 Session I: Plenary lecturers

Chairman: Dr. Abd El Halim Nur El Din & Dr. Zahi Hawas,
• Dr. Gregory S Thomas
Atherosclerosis: Not just a disease of contemporary humans
• Dr. Rosalie David
Ancient Egyptian Medicine: A Scientific Perspective

12 :00-12:30 BREAK

12:30-02:30 Session II: Astronomy

Chairman: Dr. Alaa Shahein & Dr. Magdi Abd el Wahab
1- Dr. Shahinaz Yousef; Dr. Khadiga Abdur-Rahman; Dr. Mohammed Mounirand Dr. Moutaz Mazloum
The Nile Ancient Egyptians Epoch La Nina and El Nino during the times of the prophets Yusuf and Moses
2- Dr. Mosalam Shaltout
The dawn of Astronomy in the world: Napta Playa , Egypt, 4890 BCE
3- Dr. Hanan A. Abou el-Dahab
Sotis and Isis: A comparative study since early history of Ancient Egypt till the end of the Graeco-Roman Period
5- Dr. Yosef Mazhar
Wind directions and conditions on ancient Egyptian sailing ships

03:00-04:30 LUNCH

Sunday 25 April, 2010 (Ahmed Basha Kamal hall; Supreme Council of Antiquity; 3 El Adel Abu Baker st. Zamalek; Cairo)

09:00-12:30 Session I: Medicine and Mummification

Chairman: Dr. G.Thomas ; Dr. M. El Manawy ; Dr. Aziza Mahrous
1-Dr. Moushira E. Zaki , Dr. Azza M. Sarry El-Din1, Dr. Muhammad Al-Tohamy Soliman1, Dr. Neveen H. Mahmoud2, Dr. Walaa Abu Baker Basha1.
Limb Amputation in Ancient Egyptians from Old Kingdom
2- Dr. Moushira E. Zaki, Dr. M. Al-Tohamy Soliman &Dr. Aly El-Sawaf
Cranial Tumors in Ancient Egyptians from the Greco-Roman period
3- Dr. El – Sawaf, A. & Dr. Al- Tohamy, M.
Ancient Dental Pathology
4- Dr. Aly El-Nofely
About child growth in ancient Egypt
5- Dr. M. Saleh and Dr. Esmat Seifelnasr
An introduction to the history of Veterinary Medicine
6- Dr. Gomaa Abdel-Maksoud , Dr. Ezz Eldin A. Al-Shazly , Dr. Abdel-Rahman El-Amin
Damage caused by insects during the mummification processes:
An experimental study
7- Dr. Ghada Darwish Al-Khafif, Dr. Zakia M. Kamel, Dr. Mahmoud Said Mahmoud
Is this natural mummy a historic find? Case study

12 :30-01:00 BREAK

01:00-03:30 Session II: Pharmacology
Chairman: Dr. Rosalie David; Dr. Moushira E. Zaki & Dr. Aly El-Sawaf
1- Dr. Aziza M.M. Amer
History of Pharmacology in Ancient Egypt
2- Dr. Rosalie David
Pharmacy in Ancient Egypt: A multidisciplinary historical and scientific study
3- Dr. Esmat Seifelnasr &Dr. M. Saleh
A brief history of animal communication
4- Dr. Hanifa Moursi, S. A.
A view on the ancient Egyptian herbal
5- Dr. Gamal S. Gabra
Drugs in ancient Egypt

03:30-04:30 LUNCH

Monday 26 April, 2010 (Ahmed Basha Kamal hall; Supreme Council of Antiquity; 3 El Adel Abu Baker st. Zamalek; Cairo)

09:00-12:30 Session I: Basic science and Agriculture

Chairman: Dr. A. Nur El Din; Dr. Rifaat Hilal & Dr. Ahmed Hegazy
1- Dr. M. I. Wanas
The Great Pyramid and Finsler Geometry
2- Dr. Salah Eid
The Circle as the Heart of Ancient Egyptian Geometry
3- Mr. Ayman A. Waziry
Anet and the conception of the velocity of light in Ancient Egypt until the end of the Greek- Roman periods
4- Dr. Abed El-Naser Tawfik
Experimental methodology as leading tools of the Scientific progress in Pharaonic civilization
5- Mr. Hisham El-Hennawy
Scorpions in ancient Egypt
6- Dr. Ahmed H. Abd El-Megeed
Pharaohs' Scientific techniques in carcasses quality
7-Dr. Nesrin .M.N. El Hadidi & Dr. Rim Hamdy
Basketry Accessories: Sandals, Bags and Fans in Ancient Egypt
8- Dr. Wafaa A. El-Ghanam
Waterwheel in Graeco - Roman Egypt

12 :30-01:00 BREAK

01:00-03:00 Session II: Architecture and Conservation

Chairman: Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hady & Dr. Mona Foad.
1- Dr. Mohamed El Sharkawy
Waterspouts in Ancient Egyptian Architecture
2- Dr. I.M. Abdallah & Dr. N. Abdtawab
Effects of environmental conditions on deterioration of the Oracle Temple, Siwa Oasis , Egypt
3- Dr. Abdou El-Derby
Some construction and buildings defects in Ancient Egypt
which have played role in own deterioration and damage .
4- Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh
Restoration and conservation of Hwi–Nfr granite sarcophagus lid, Cairo University excavation: Giza - Saqqara
5- Dr. Mohamed M. Megahed
Scientific study for treatment & conservation of archaeological iron artifacts, applied on a selected object from Tell-El Farama, North Sinai, Egypt.

03:00-04:00 LUNCH

06:00-08:00 Closing Ceremony (El Arsh hall; Kasr El Manial )

1- Dr. Khairy I. El-Malt
The Role of the Ancient Egyptian Musical Instrument for the
Revival of the Pharonic Music.
2- Pharonic Music Play
3- El Mosika Al Arabia (Music Play)
4- Medal for the Distinguished Archaeologists
5- Certificate of Attendance


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