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IV Congresso Ibérico de Egiptologia - IV Iberian Congress of Egyptology

Last Congress held in Spain (interview):

Actas del Segundo Congreso Ibérico de Egiptología Proceedings of the second congress

The Congress is being held in two different sites:

The Museum of Pharmacy:
http://www.anf.pt/media/catalogo_museu.pdf           museum catalogue
http://www.agendalx.pt/cgi-bin/iportal_agendalx/Q0000576.html?directorio=Museus&area=&tabela=&genero=&datas=&dia=&mes=&ano=&numero_resultados=      museum description and information (Portuguese) at the City hall's Agenda

The Communications Museum:

The programme (provisional) is online  (click on the title of the post).

 Abstracts are not yet online (check this page for future reading of the abstracts):

 My preliminary analysis of what this congress might be is that:

- thankfully many Spanish Egyptologists are coming to talk about their research work, their excavations and Egyptian discoveries

- Portuguese Egyptologists are few and we have report on the Portuguese mission in Egypt, elaborations on different aspects of life in ancient Egypt, and the usual museology items done by the usual people...

- Some Portuguese papers show that their authors are still researching the same subject on and on...nothing new then...

- I am not presenting as I prefer not to disclose the stage I'm in, concerning my research to some people...but I will have plenty of opportunities to discuss my present research with the people I find important, and that can help me understand some aspects of it, and maybe develop my approach.

- The fee for attending is excrutiating (150 euros) and it does not include the proceedings, the social programme, meals...The last fee 'call' was only for students (80 euros) as the organizers wanted to 'fill' the room with Egyptologists and prevent 'curious people' from attending the conference. Researchers who are not presently affiliated to any institution (like me) but who are actively pursuing research in Egyptology had some difficulty registering. We have Egyptologists from Spain and Latin America, Brasil in majority and less Portuguese. This has several reasons; we are fewer. And most of the people post-graduating in Egyptology don't follow up. It is just to have a degree. And this for the ones finishing and defending their theses.

I have only one colleague from my times of the Master in Lisboa pursuing research and intending to do a PhD (like me). She is presenting at the congress. The rest have disappeared in the sands of time...

I asked one of the professors in Egyptology in Portugal (Lisboa) recently why not having a Hieroglyphic course to improve knowledge (I know I was being selfish), and he replied it takes too much time and work...

These brief thoughts of mine, shared with you here are some of the reasons that justify why I cannot have my PhD in Portugal. Sadly.

I am glad I have made many contacts and friends in Egyptology so I can search for options all over Europe and America. it is just a matter of time and I will be starting my PhD soon. The writing has started already last Summer, after I had my two books published (my previous Masters' theses).

Health and Medicine in Ancient Egypt: Magic and science (bar s)

- I am very happy that some of my Egyptologists/friends are coming and I believe it will be another excellent opportunity to exchange information with people doing relevant work and researching aspects of ancient Egypt that interest us all...

Looking forward for the congress and some of my friends attending!

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