quarta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2011

Prosthetics in ancient Egypt

Congrats to my dear friend and colleague Dr. Jacky Finch for being able to prove prosthetics were not only decorative and presumably to fill the dead with their 'missing parts'.

She's all over the news, all over the world and I leave here some links, including the original artcle in The Lancet:



Thanks to Tim Finch for this Manchester Evening News clip



At a week seminar in 2008 Dr. Finch showed how she reconstructed from scratch, the same prosthetic toe:

I am always happy to see good work and dedication come to published media, as all the time and work consumpted in this research was too much for one person and she did it all, with the help of the volunteers who were missing the toe in question and the facilities of institutions collaborating in her research.

The Lancet article is still free to download:

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