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Hathor 1 - 2012

The first international publication of Egyptology in Portugal - HATHOR - is out!!

I am privileged enough to be part of this alongside with my dear colleagues and dear Profs. Sales and Trindade Lopes!!

The number is available by email request to the Oriental Institute in Lisboa:

(by postal mail)
Instituto Oriental - FCSH-UNL
Av. de Berna, 26 Piso 4 Gab. 4.10, Lisboa

or by email to:

It can be sent by mail. The price is 10€.

Table of Contents below:

I am sure this will be the first of many and that more colleagues from other countries can contribute.

My article here is a generalistic view of the most prevalent diseases in ancient Egypt, focusing on those that are distinguishable in human remains, medical texts and art.

- dental
- dermatological
- ophtalmological
- infectious
- trauma
not mentioning women's and children's, which would make a whole volume or thesis on it...

If you want more information on how to contribute to future volumes, here are the Guidelines for Contributors.

The Institute has also a Summer Course of Egyptian Hierogliphic (Middle Egyptian) in 2012 (in Portuguese), with introduction about the ancient Egyptian language and writing.

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