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X ICE - Rhodes, 22-29 May 2008

Esta primeira notícia já tinha sido publicada no passado dia 21 de Setembro; quando o Dr. Panagiotis Kousoulis (contactos em baixo) a enviou pelos foruns de egiptologia. Resolvi publicar aqui também.

Rhodes, 22-29 May 2008
First Announcement (September 2006)

Dear Colleagues,
In accordance with the decision of the General Assembly of theInternational Association of Egyptologists during its session inGrenoble, on 10 September 2004, Egyptologists from all countriesare cordially invited to take part in the Xth International Congressof Egyptologists, which will be held at Rodos Palace Hotel &Convention Center ( in the island ofRhodes, Greece, from 22 to 29 May 2008.

Disciplines & ThemesThe work of the Congress will be organized on a series of majorthemes within Egyptology, with a particular focus on multi-disciplinaryapproaches to general themes. Participants will be asked to orient theircontributions towards one of the major themes, whatever the nature ofthe evidence and source material they are working with.

The list ofmajor themes for the Congress is yet to be decided but suggestions haveincluded the following topics:Cultural HeritageEgypt - Greece in Antiquity: ethnicity, cross-cultural interactions andadaptationsArchaeology and History of ArtThe Egyptian belief-system: knowledge, sacred and profaneSociologyLiterature and PhilologyThe Archaic state and the origins of cultureForeign Relations and DiplomacyThe list is not exclusive. The named themes are merely intended toprovide a focus of discussion. Suggestions and comments from potentialparticipants about themes to which they would like to contribute will bemost welcome.

Papers will be assigned to individual sessions within thewider themes on the basis of abstracts submitted and it is intended, sofar as is possible, to associate multi-disciplinary approaches to
grouped together under the major disciplines headings of archaeology,art, religion and language.

Appropriate slots in the timetable will alsobe made available for communications giving news of work in progress inall fields of Egyptology. In addition to the papers read, special forumsfor work-groups will be considered and facilities will be provided forposter sessions and visual displays.

Participants should provide theOrganising Committee with details of display area required and formatof displays at the earliest possible date.The emphasis will be on the widest academic participation and thehighest academic quality that can be achieved for the Congress, withinthe context of an open forum for all branches of Egyptology and accessfor juniors as well as senior scholars. In conformance with moderntrends in academic conferences, the Organising Committee proposes toadminister a refereed Congress. Acceptance on the programme is on thebasis of peer review of the abstracts submitted.

The eventualpublication of papers will also be subject to referee.

Academic Committee (in alphabetical order)John Baines (Oxford), Christopher J. Eyre (Liverpool), Nicholas Grimal(Paris), Zahi Hawass (Cairo), Yvan Koenig (Paris), Alan B. Lloyd(Swansea), Ludwig Morenz (Leipzig), Joachim Friedrich Quack(Heidelberg), Robert K. Ritner (Chicago), Alessandro Roccati (Rome),Pascal Vernus (Paris).

Abstract Guidelines

Registration and abstracts must be submitted electronically in .docformat (see the congress web site for more information). Abstractsshould be between 500 and 800 words in length with single line andnormal character spacing and in 12pt Times New Roman (10pt forreferences) fonts.

Each abstract should contain the followinginformation: Title, Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), Postal
abstracts will be 1 September 2007 to allow for printing anddistribution to participants in advance of the Congress.

Provisional Programme
Thursday 22 May: Arrival of participants.
Friday 23 May - Wednesday 28 May: Working sessions.
Thursday 29 May: Closing session.
General Assembly of the InternationalAssociation of Egyptologists.

Important Dates
September 2006: first announcement
1 July 2007: deadline for the pre-registration
July 2007: second announcement
1 September 2007: deadline for the submission of abstracts
1 January 2008: deadline for the late registration
February 2008: final announcement with complete programme andparticipants list

InformationCongress website:


On behalf of the Organising Committee

Panagiotis I.M. Kousoulis, MA/Ph.D (Liverpool)Lecturer in Egyptology
Archaeology Division
Department of Mediterranean Studies
University of the Aegean
1 Demokratias Av.
Rhodes 85100
Tel: 0030 22410 99341
Mob: 0030 6944945907

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