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Mais múmias...more mummies...

Image taken from: Jackie Campbell's "The Pharaoh's pharmacists", 15 December 2007, New Scientist, issue 2634, page 40-43

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Pharahonic mummy found
Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities has stated that the mummy which had been unearthed at farms in the governorate of Al-Fayoum belonged to an important figure in the Pharaonic age. It cited advanced and excellent mummification materials and methods. It called for immediately transferring the treasure to the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo.

A Scottish Egyptologist, Ian Mathieson, has discovered two vast tombs under the desert sands that could hold the remains of Imhotep, the architect of the Step Pyramid. Although Ian’s find was made last year he hasn’t released the information until now because he’s had to publish his findings and present them to the Supreme Council of Antiquities — the regulatory body for any archaeological work in Egypt.

Months after mummy claim, DNA science still lags
Dec. 20 2007
The Associated Press

"I think the people at the Discovery Channel went way too much 'CSI,' '' said biological anthropologist Angelique Corthals, referring to television's "Crime Scene Investigation'' series.
"They think you can pick up evidence at 2 p.m. and by 6 p.m. you get results,'' added Corthals, a scholar at England's University of Manchester who has been helping Egypt establish the DNA lab.
In June Egypt announced that Hatshepsut's mummy had been found, and about a month later the Discovery Channel aired the documentary -- showcasing scientific breakthroughs including CT scans and DNA testing. The mummy is now on display in a glass case in the Egyptian Museum's royal mummy room.

CT scan unravels mummy's secrets

Experts have carried out a CT scan on an ancient Egyptian mummy. An original scan by the hospital in 2004 showed that Nesperennub was generally healthy but had poor teeth and a bad abscess. John Taylor, assistant keeper in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan said: "Fully-wrapped Egyptian mummies still contain a lot of untapped information.

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