domingo, janeiro 06, 2008

Brazilian Egyptian museum - Museu Egípcio Brasileiro

In the city of Ponta Grossa, in the interior of the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, a small museum supplies the local population with information about Ancient Egypt. The space is exhibiting 260 replicas of objects from the land of the pharaohs and an original mummy mask from the second century B.C. The visitors to the site are mainly students in primary and secondary school.

Authenticity of Egyptian mummy bought by Brazilian emperor Dom Pedro I certified

One of the most sold board games made by Mitra – Oficina de Criação, from the southeastern Brazilian city of São Paulo, is Senet, or the Game of the Pharaohs, which is over five thousand years old. Senet is considered an ancestor of backgammon.

Tothmea Project - Egyptian mummy at the Egyptian Museum (in Portuguese)

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