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Ur sunu - Grandi dottori dell’Antico Egitto

Opens September 27 at Casale Monferrato!!

The “UR SUNU, Great Doctors of Ancient Egypt”.

The exhibition comes from the desire of the Brotherhood of Misericordia in promoting historical and scientific events, linked to medicine and surgery, in their development during centuries; and this follows the 2006 Exhibition of Documents “The Time of the ancient Misericordia” at the 10th Anniversary of the ancient foundation.

The medicine of the Ancient Egypt plays the lead role: the ancient Egyptians were indeed, by looking the highly interesting and numerous findings of the exposition, very skilled doctors with advanced specialisations and cures, so to be rightly well reputed in the whole ancient world.The Exposition will give a good look to an uncommon side of the ancient Egyptian civilisation, which, nevertheless, unveil to us unexpected sensations towards a medicine coming from the past.

General information:

President of Misericordia of Casale MonferratoDANILO CARMIGNOTTO


Assistant CuratorANNA PIERI


Casale Monferrato website:

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