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Aegyptus et Pannonia Symposium V.

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Aegyptus et Pannonia Symposium V.
Patron of the Symposium: Kinga Göncz Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Ancient Egyptian Committee of the Hungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society (MEBT ÓEB) and The Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, http://www.szepmuveszeti.hu/web/guest/latogatoiinfo

are pleased to announce an international Symposium on

Personal for Late Egyptian Religion

The Symposium is open to all scholars and will take place at the Lapidarium Hungarian National MuseumH-1088, Budapest,Múzeum körút 14-16.from 15th - 17th October, 2008.

Participation in the Symposium is free. Conference languages are English, German, French and Hungarian. The proceedings will be published in the Aegyptus et Pannonia 5.

15th October

10.00 – 11.00
Welcome Addressby Dr. Tibor Kovács, General DirectorHungarian National Museum

Conference Introductionby dr. Hedvig GyőryHungarian-Egyptian Friendship Society

Introductory lecture:Pharaonic Discovery from Wadi Uweinat by András Zboray

Chamber Exhibition: Aegyptiaca in the Hungarian National Museum Opening and Presentation by Ádám Szabó

Lunch Break

Session 1. - Chairman: Ulrich Luft

Karnak’ Priests by Aurélia Masson

Priests of the Egyptian Gods in Roman Macedonia by Perikles Christodoulou

Le luminaire isiaque au sud du Danube, de la Germanie supérieure à la mer Noire by Jean-Louis Podvin

The stela of Irty-er-tjay Vienna, KHM (ÄS 88)by Daniela Stefanovits

Ancient Egyptian Religious Rituals: Christian Paralleles by Alicia Meza

Casual gathering

16th Oct

Session 2. - Chairman: Edith Varga

The Interpretation of Old Kingdom Clothing Rites in the Light of Ptolemaic and Roman Rituals by Filip Coppens and Hana Vymazalová

Harpocrates Studien by Hedvig Győry

Religious Rituals sd-dSrw in the Execration and Funerary Rituals of the Dead by M. el-Saeed

Contraception in the Ptolemaic and Roman Period: Papyri and the Use of Amulets by Olga Pelcer

A certain group of Theban hypocephali by Tamás Mekis

Lunch break

Session 3. – Chairman: Zsolt Mráv

About representations of Serapis and two lions on Roman sarcophagi in Pannonia by Igor Uranic

Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft in Savaria Iseumby Otto Sosztarics

Bes Relief im Xanthus János Museum Győr Bíró Szilvia

Zu einem Inschrift in Pannoniaby Ádám Szabó

Beiträge zu einer Isis-Zeremonie von Aquincum by Klára Póczi

Visit to the temporary Exhibition "Renaissance in the Pharaonic Egypt" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

17th Oct
Excursion to Debrecen:
Wellcome addresse by Emõke Szalay, curator at the Egyptian exhibition in Déry Museum
visit to the Museum - c. 2 hoursGuided tour in the town c. 2 hours

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