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42nd World Congress of the International Society for the History of Medicine

42nd Congress ISHM, 2010

Forwarded by request of Dr. Pahor, in accordance to the wishes of the organizers,

Notice 42nd Congress ISHM, 2010

Dear Colleague,

The above congress will be held in Cairo, Egypt during the period 9-13 October, 2010.
You are strongly encouraged to join in this important event in this ancient city in a country immersed in ancient history. Please visit the official web site of the congress:

An IMPORTANT notice:
The period for Abstract acceptance has been extended to 1st September, 2010.
There will be interesting events and visit of historic venues during the congress.
Facilities for joining well organized tours with reputable firms.
It promises to be an event to be remembered for many years to come.
Do come and enjoy the congress.
If you have any problems with the official web site you can send an e-mail to either of these two addresses:
Look forward to see you in Cairo.

Main Theme :

      The Knowledge and Practice of Medicine in the Nile Valley from the 3rd Millennium B.C. to the 3rd Millennium A.D.
Recommended Topics :

      Medicine in the Nile Valley [Egypt]

          Pharaonic Medicine
          The School of Alexandria
          Arab Islamic Medicine
      Medical Instruments; the tool for the healer
      Hospitals; the emergence and development
      The development of Prosthetics
      Medicine and the Arts
      Medicine and Nursing in War Time
      Development of Socialized Medicine and Health Care
      Rehabilitation in Medicine
      Translation in the Benevolent Cycle of Medical Knowledge
      Call on the help of the Super Powers - Magic or Instinctive Need
      The Index of Physicians and their Works by ibn-abi-Usaybi'ah and by al-Qifti

I wonder if I will manage to attend any of these conferences one day...
Happening in Cairo is another must for me...

The website for the Society http://www.bium.univ-paris5.fr/ishm/eng/debut.htm has some abstracts, but their publication, Vesalius, is only available for subscribers/members.

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