sábado, janeiro 14, 2012

In Egypt...Day 0, Day 1

Yes, it is true. I am again in Egypt, this time near Luxor, in then West bank, to work with some colleagues, who are also friends, in some human remains found in TT37.
We are staying at a nice villa, Casa Italia, where we have the sounds of the local mosque and cats trying to eat with us, as usual.
Yesterday it was travel day, three flights for me; then road trip from Luxor airport at almost midnight to find an excellento pasta pesto waiting for us, cooked by the mission director, Dr. Tiradritti.
Today, after breakfast, with a group taking a safari tour here,  it was acknowledging day, as we were touring the tomb with Dr. Tiradritti and finding the exquisite old Kingdom style depictions, made when Egypt was ruled by Nubians...

 Me and my friend Dr. Sabina are very happy to be here and we took the time to photograph details and then walk along Deir el-Bahari back to our house, but we met our friends the photographers.

Now for some rest...

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